Submit limited company accounts to HMRC

Process year end accounts for both limited companies and sole traders

Help & advice on what’s required to prepare year end accounts

Year End Accounts

If you are a limited company you are required by law to submit a set of year end accounts, which go hand in hand with corporation tax.

However, even if you are a sole trader or a partnership and therefore not required to submit year end accounts, it can still be a good idea to produce year end accounts as they act as a marker for your business year on year. Keeping track of you profits and losses can help you understand what your business is doing right and inform business decisions for the following year.

There is a lot of information required to complete a set of year end accounts, and whether your business is big or small it can still be an overwhelming process. Make use of our expertise and take the stress out of it. We’ll guide you through the process, draw up the figures and submit them for you along with your corporation tax. If we process your bookkeeping for you then we can make the process even easier by using the information for your accounts.