This month we are taking a look at some top self care tips. Life has dramatically changed for most of us, our habits are completely different to what they were at the start of the year, adding an additional layer of running your own business can prove challenging. As we start to head back to a new and different normal we thought it was a good time to share these tips. 

Write it Down

Spinning plates comes to mind when we think of running your own business. This is not a top tip for writing a to do list but a mere ask to consider starting a journal. Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you begin a journey into a 14-year-old girl dear diary lifestyle but there is a lot to be said for getting out what’s in here (taps to brain) onto paper and/or chosen digital device. If you already do this firstly, good work! Have you looked back at what you’ve written? Any patterns to spot there? If you are just starting out there is LOADS of info out there on different journaling techniques, books and how to’s – happy researching.


Woah, routine, during this unprecedented time that we have found ourselves in? Yes! A large portion of the country are still working from home and it is more important than ever to distinguish the difference between work and home. Switching off is the absolute key to this and it is much easier said than done. Our top tip is getting up at the same time each day and treating it like a work day – this will mean different things to different people. Setting your space up for the day ahead, eliminating as many distractions as you can will help towards this.  


Whilst mass meet ups are still off the table there is an opportunity to build your network online. Our top tip here is balance, try out a few groups and see where you feel most yourself. The priority here is building a supportive network and the business drawn from that is a bonus. If you have a team, are you checking in regularly?


Ah celebrating at the best of times can prove difficult with all that plate spinning. Take a moment, no matter how big or small, to celebrate the wins. Even if todays win is completing that one thing on your to do list that’s been on there for MONTHS! Share your win with your loved ones…we can’t promise you that they will be as excited about it as you are but you will feel better for it. 


Our biggest take away in this blog is look after YOU. Take the time out when you need it. Pause, reflect, be mindful of your stress levels and please remind yourself that this is an incredibly trying situation that we are in. Global pandemic was not on our vision board for 2020 and we are all trying to do the best we can. 

As always, if you need any help of support with your financials please do think of us.