The Government’s race to be Net Zero by 2050 has called for businesses across the UK to start behaving more responsibly, no matter how big or small they may be. As demand increases for sustainability, adopting a more ‘green’ strategy can result in boosted morale, attracting more talent (especially millennials) and improving customer relations. Therefore, we’ve summarised 7 small changes that could have a big impact on your company and its future. 

1. Scrap paper

As saving the planet can seem pretty overwhelming, we will start with the easiest small change that your business can start to implement today – using less paper! You could start moving to a paperless workspace through printing less, asking vendors to offer e-invoices and emailing receipts to customers. Replacing your endless filing cabinets with cloud drives can also save a lot of space in your office.

2. Encourage recycling

Next, you could encourage your employees to think greener by offering more eco-friendly products in the workplace, such as removing disposable cutlery from the kitchens and providing your employees with mugs or metal water bottles. Recycling bins should also be placed around the office for any waste.

3. Promote green transport

Road transport significantly contributes to pollution, therefore Cycle to Work or car-share schemes could help your employees to reduce their carbon footprint, as well saving on transport costs – win-win!

4. Lighting 

If your office space lacks natural light, you could try to make the rooms naturally lighter, rather than wasting energy, through using bright colours and strategically placing mirrors around the room. You could also consider opting for LED bulbs, as these use significantly less energy than the standard lightbulb.

5. Green Team

Through implementing a ‘Green Team’ of employees, new ideas of environmentally friendly changes can be consistently brainstormed in order to improve the business. After all, two (or multiple) heads are better than one!

6. Remote working 

Since a lot of us had no option but to work remotely over the past year, we have become aware of the benefits it can provide. Through encouraging employees to work from home a few days a week, this can reduce commuting emissions, energy used in the office and potentially even office space. 

7. Aim for eco-friendly supply chain 

Finally, your business may find it valuable to begin establishing a more eco-friendly supply chain. Greener alterations to a supply chain will reduce environmental impacts and significantly contribute to the Net Zero target, as well as attracting the growing market of customers who want to exchange with responsible businesses.