The world as we knew it has changed and so has your business. This month we take a look at what adjusting to the new norm could mean and share our tips for managing this new way of life…

Avoid burnout

We get it, you want to run as fast as you can to catch up on anything that was missed/skipped/dropped during the greatest external business pivot you have experienced. From March it has all been about fighting fires and that is what was needed to maintain your business. But, the thing with fighting fires is it’s all about adrenalin which is great for the short term but not so much now. Therefore, our first top tip is, go easy on yourself! Take some time out (easier said than done, we know) but even if you were to reduce your running speed to 50% instead of 100% it would go a long way. We have all heard the term, work smarter not harder but here is a really good read to help with that:

Get comfortable with your figures

Please excuse us while we get tough…don’t bury your head in the sand. We know figures can be daunting at the best of times but we need to shake off the denial. Take a look at what has happened to your turnover since March and where there have been changes during lockdown. Costs may have come down? What can you do with the additional cashflow? If you received funding or support how are you utilising it? If you would like any help or advice you know where we are.

Outline a new short-term strategy

We all did so well to think on our feet during lockdown (personal AND business!) and that was no mean feat! Now is the time to take a look at your short-term strategy…what do you want to achieve for the next three months and how are you going to get there? We highly recommend setting aside some time to think and plan this. Pop it in your diary and most importantly, stick to it! Let everyone know you will be uncontactable so you can truly focus.

Work Life Balance

Pah, what’s that!? As if it wasn’t difficult before work began and ended at home by necessity! Make a deal with yourself of when you are going to ‘work’ and when you are going to ‘life’. After all, you didn’t get in to this game to work 24/7! This is all about boundaries and making sure you stick to them. Share them with others too to make them accountable – let’s say it together: “today I finish work at 3pm”! Feels good right? We cannot stress the importance of looking after yourself.