We have been settling into our new office very nicely…Don’t be strangers, if you are in the area, pop your head in and say hello. We have an open door policy and are a super friendly bunch so feel free to take advantage!

We thought it might be time to give you a little more context to who we are. We covered who does what a few blogs back but since then the team has grown a little – we will introduce to the newbies in good time but first, how we work…

Our founder, Becca is a huge advocate of flexible working. Being surrounded by business owners throughout her childhood and seeing how work and parenthood can run alongside each other, Becca knew this was what she wanted, not just for herself but her team too.

“Showing flexibility and trust is an absolute must for me. I view our team as a family and I support them in all of their ventures, whether that be their own family or a new business!” said Becca Ayles “I never wanted to be a boss that had a ‘do as I say not as I do’ attitude. As long as the work is done, the team are happy and most importantly, the clients are over the moon then I am content.”

Moving on to newbies in the team: Firstly, we have Amy, we say she is new but she’s returned after a couple of years out. Amy is part of our bookkeeping team, she is super organised which comes with the territory of being mum of two boys! Then we have Beccy our admin and payroll assistant. Beccy, also a Mum herself has a wicked way of organising our records! The office move was a breeze with her on hand. And finally Nicole (that’s me) is our marketing manager.

That is us for now!

 Until next month,

The BAL team x