Small business accounting – the cause of many a business owner’s headache!  With never ending deadlines it can be tricky to keep track of so with this in mind we have put together a timeline of the key accounting dates to help ease a little of the pressure (and keep you in HMRC’s good books!)

So let’s start filling up those pages…


31st – Self Assessment tax return deadline

31st – First payment on account deadline


7th – The quarterly VAT filing deadline for the period ending December 2020


6th – Happy New Tax Year! All of the Chancellor’s updates come into effect on this date.  We will round up all of the changes that may affect you on our blog so make sure you keep an eye out nearer the time!


7th – VAT filing deadline for the period ending 31st March 2021

31st – Deadline for issuing any company employees with their annual P60 documentation


22nd – You need to pay Class 1A NIC by this date.  This is based on benefits you give to employees such will vary drastically by business


7th – VAT filing deadline for the period ending 30th June 2021


7th – VAT filing deadline  for the period ending 30th September 2021


31st – If your company’s year end is March 31st (most common date) then this is the deadline for filing your annual accounts

Whilst these dates apply to the majority of small businesses It is important to consider that the tax deadlines for your specific business are unique to your circumstances and your obligations to HMRC will vary depending on individual circumstances such as number of employees and your business structure.  To ensure that you are meeting al of your accounting obligations in the most efficient way we would always recommending getting in touch with a local accountant (ahem…us!)

If you would like to start 2021 knowing that your finances are being looked after without the need to reach for that asprin then give us a call – we are here to help!