As the new financial year is almost upon us, it brings not just the promise of spring but also a new chapter. For businesses and individuals alike, this is a pivotal time to ensure that financial strategies are not just in place but are optimised to make the most of the year ahead. Let’s explore actionable steps to secure your financial footing and set a prosperous tone for the year ahead.

  1. Review and Adjust Your Budget:

 The final month of the financial year is an excellent time to review your current budget. Assess your expenditures and income to date. Have any unexpected costs arisen? Are there surpluses that could be better allocated? Adjusting now can help you meet or even exceed your financial targets for the year.

  1. Maximise Tax Efficiency:

Tax planning should be a year-round activity. Consider making contributions to pension schemes, donating to charity, or investing in tax-efficient opportunities like ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) to reduce your taxable income. Consulting with a tax professional can uncover specific actions beneficial to your situation.

  1. Utilise Allowances:

Ensure you are maximising any allowances available to you, such as the ISA allowance, capital gains tax allowance, and any unused pension allowances. These can offer substantial savings and investment opportunities.

  1. Prepare for the New Financial Year:

Set new goals, review and revise financial strategies, and consider any regulatory changes that might affect your finances or business. Early preparation ensures a smoother transition and a stronger start to the new financial year.

  1. Chase Outstanding Invoices:

For businesses, cash flow is king, and outstanding invoices can hinder financial health. Use this time to follow up on any outstanding payments. Clearing these can provide a more accurate picture of your fiscal health and boost your cash reserves as you enter the new financial year.

  1. Review Your Investments:

Evaluate the performance of your investments and consider rebalancing your portfolio if necessary. The end of the financial year is a suitable time to reassess your risk tolerance and investment goals, ensuring your portfolio aligns with your long-term objectives.


March is not just another step towards spring; it’s a crucial juncture for financial planning and execution. By taking proactive steps now, you can not only optimise a solid foundation for the year to come. At Bedford Accountants Ltd, we’re here to guide you through these processes, offering expertise and support to ensure your financial prosperity. Let’s march forward into the new financial year with confidence and strategic foresight.