We have the answer to creating the work life balance you have always dreamed of…pah, we wish! In all seriousness, we know that owning your own business can be all consuming. In this blog, we share our top tips to creating distance and carving out time for you. With more of us working from home and work being more accessible than ever before, we recognise the need for a break. So, let’s get to it…

Tip 1 – Boundaries

Boundaries mean different things to different people but if you are finding that your business is all you do, it could be time to set some boundaries. What things (outside of work) in your day are non-negotiable? We don’t mean the need to shower (!) but something that is just for you/your family. It could be, having a meal with your family. Or perhaps your daily exercise routine. Be strict with yourself and do not allow your business to encroach on that time. There is a whole other piece here about feeling guilty or that you are somehow letting someone down but, our counter argument to that is: In order to show up as your best self (for your business and your clients) you must stick to those boundaries and your daily non-negotiables.


Tip 2 – Switching Off  

Similarly, to boundaries, make a deal with yourself on when you start and end work. We realise that you can’t always stick to this but in the main, what are your working hours? More importantly, how do you signify that work has finished? Closing the door on an office (tick), switching off your phone (tick), leaving your phone in another room (tick), leaving work devices unattended until your ‘start time’ (tick). It may not be the full break between ending and starting work but even an hour down time will be a huge step. Just because you aren’t sat with your laptop in the traditional working way, doesn’t mean you aren’t still ‘working’. Unfortunately, our brains can’t tell the difference.

Tip 3 – Have a KitKat…

A golden oldie…take a break. It is all too easy to sit chained to your desk for your working day but regular breaks are not only good for your health but it allows for perspective and contemplation too. We wouldn’t be so presumptuous to tell you what to do with your break however, our top tip is to make sure it’s something that keeps your mind occupied enough to give your brain a rest from work…whatever that is to you, go and do it!


Tip 4 – Self Care

We are here to tell you to spend a little bit more time on yourself…self-care Sundays are becoming more popular of late and we are totally on board! This comes back to finding your thing, perhaps it’s a bath or reading a good book but something to spend time on you. Our best tip here is practicing regular self-care before you reach burn out. Spotting the signs of burnout is absolutely key too and very difficult for business owners but keeping a little check on stress and pressure levels is a great place to start.

Tip 5 – Help, I need somebody

Our little nod to The Beatles, asking for help when you need it is a must. Being a business owner isn’t just a journey of one person, you will have the support of those around you whether it be family, team members, peers or friends. And dare we say it, if you are in the position of doing everything yourself, it could be time to look for external support. Our suggestion would be to start with a list of admin tasks that could be delegated…don’t worry, it’s just a list for the minute. This will allow you to assess what could be outsourced.

And there you have it, our top tips for creating the ultimate work life balance. We truly hope that there is a take away for you that makes a difference to your day.